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» Stem Cell Therapies Can Treat Joint Pain With Your Own Cells

» Improve Your Range of Motion

» Get Back To Your Favorite Activities

Regenerative Medicine Therapies Can End Your Lasting Pains

» Joint Surgery Alternative

» Back, Neck, Spine, Shoulders

» Knees, Hips, Elbows, Ankles

» Life Lasting Solution! 


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Find out how Regenerative Medicine can have you avoiding surgery and feeling better than ever!

Proven Results

End The On Going Series of Temporary Fixes Through the True Healing Properties of Stem Cell Treatments & Regenerative Therapies

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Key To Wellness

Non Surgical Regenerative Therapies Provide Increased Range of Motion & Decreased Pain at a Fraction of the Downtime & Cost Required by Surgery

Innovative Treatments

Only The Highest Quality Stem Cells Are Used And We Pair That With Enhancement Products & Protocols Tailored Specifc To You as part of

Cutting Edge Technology

American Regenerative Utilize's Brand New State Of The Art Equipments & Protocols For All Of Our Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

Conditions We Treat Through State of the Art Stem Cell Treatments

Treatment Options

PRP with Growth factors

Platelet Rich Plasma:  A component of your own blood that promotes healing, reduces inflammation and stimulates the body to produce healthy new cells and to heal faster.

Stem Cells

Stem Cells:  These are neo-natal, umbilical cord blood cells taken from healthy births.  These cells are considered to be pleuripotent; meaning that they can become any other healthy tissues within the body.


Exosomes:  These are Stem Cell derived, biologically active molecules that are powerful healing agents.   They may be used individually, with Stem Cells and/or PRP therapies.

The Future Is Now

The Leading Stem Cell Therapies Available | Avoid Surgery | Avoid Pain

Treatment Options

Learn More About Stem Cell Therapy & How Regenerative Medicine Can Help You Avoid Surgery

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Conditions Treated

Front Joint Pains To Sports Injuries We Have Continually Helped People Find Wellness From A Variety Of Conditions

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Learn How American Regenerative Institute Has Become The Leading Provider Of Cutting Edge Stem Cell Therapies in Naples

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Jeanine at American Regenerative is simply amazing! She truly loves helping people and seeing them return to doing the things they love!

If you have join pains and are being told you need surgery, you have got to call them! When I saw the alternatives I was amazed because my normal doctors did not even tell me there were other possibilities!

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Enjoy a free consultation to see if stem cell therapies are an option for your continued wellness!

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As the Leading Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in West Florida, We Hold Ourselves To Some High Standards. As the Technology Progresses, So Do We.

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