Stem Cell Therapies For Back Pain

When the Massages & Adjustments Just Won't Cut It Any More

stem cell therapies for back pains

Avoid Back Surgery

A common way to treat back pain is through surgery. There are various types of back surgery procedures such as laminotomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion, spinal disc replacement. While back surgery has come a long way over the years, it is still expensive and risky. Even when successful, many back surgeries require several months or longer for a full recovery.

Stem Cell Therapies To The Rescue

With minimal downtime, stem cell therapies can be an exceptional alternative when the doctors keep telling you that surgery is the only answer. These cells are rich in nutrients and moldable in potential. When they are injected into an affected part of the spine, they will send cell regeneration and healing into overdrive, offering you major healing benefits.

Get Back To Doing What You Love

Have questions about stem cell therapies to avoid back surgery?

Research Method

Research has shown favorable results with stem cell therapy. These injections are advantageous because they simulate your body’s natural healing at the cellular level. Since these cells morph to be your own, and not foreign cells, your body does not reject them, making stem cells safe. Also, they do not require the anesthesia of surgery or the extended recovery times. Even better, unlike steroid injections and pain medication, stem cell therapy does not compromise the body’s natural immune functioning. As a result, stem cell therapy will continue to gain medical prominence in modern back pain treatment.

Leading Success Rates

The American Regenerative Medicine Institute has industry leading success rate for patients avoiding back surgery. Stop letting your back pain be a nightmare and begin living the dream doing your favorite activities. Call us now to schedule your free consultation!

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