Stem Cell Derived Exosomes

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Regenerative Medicine For The People

The application of stem cells is quite endless. Research has shown that with regular stem cell treatments, many people have recovered from debilitating diseases, injuries and eliminated pain. With our exosomes, which are the messengers of the stem cell, our therapies & protocols are designed with you in mind. We do not offer just a single one size fits all treatment method. We listen to what our patient is telling us and we customize a wellness plan tailored to your needs.

Stem Cell Derived Exosome Therapies To The Rescue

Our therapy starts with an initial consultation to evaluate your specific needs. During this free consultation, we take the time to educate you on all your options so that you are well-informed on your treatment with our team. If we decide that stem cell therapy is the right treatment for your condition, we work with you to create a comprehensive therapeutic treatment. The American Regenerative Medicine Institute uses stem cell therapy for a variety of conditions including neuropathy, injuries, knee pain, elbow pain, foot pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, and even erectile dysfunction!

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Tried & True Methods

The American Regenerative Medicine Institute is a leader in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine treatments. Since its inception in the 1950’s, research in regenerative stem cell therapy has made significant strides for treating a host of conditions, diseases, injuries, and ailments. We are composed of board certified doctors who have spent years studying and practicing stem cell therapy for patients from around the world.

Leading Success Rates | Faster Recovery

The beautiful thing about using our stem cell therapy is that it is non-invasive. What this means is that you do not have to use surgical procedures or anesthesia. Since stem cells are part of your own body and not a foreign donor, your body does not reject it. Another great reason to consider our stem cell therapy is that we avoid prescribing medications with adverse effects. With the opioid crisis and problem with pain medication addiction, we are committed to safe, natural solutions to your condition. Because our doctors are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of stem cell therapy, we seek solutions that are personalized to your body and optimized for faster recovery.


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