Stem Cell Therapies For Elbow Pains

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stem cell therapies for elbow pain

Elbow Surgery Alternative

Is your elbow nagging you? There are many different types of elbow pain that can be sustained throughout your life. Often, elbow pain is caused by overuse and injury. Activities such as sports, hobbies, labor intensive jobs, and accidental trauma are just a few of the many causes for elbow pain in patients. Some examples of elbow pain include broken elbow bones, bursitis, elbow dislocation, golfer’s elbow, elbow osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, elbow sprains, elbow strains, stress fractures, elbow tendonitis, tennis elbow, throwing injuries, and nerve damage. If you suspect that your elbow pain stems from one of these conditions or injuries, reach out to us at the American Regenerative Medicine Institute to see if stem cell therapies are right for you.

Stem Cell Therapies To The Rescue

The American Regenerative Medicine Institute is proud to offer cutting-edge treatment for your elbow pain. Stem cell therapy is emerging as one of the most incredible forms of treating injuries and degenerative conditions in your elbow. This form of treatment uses adult stem cells from your own body, which are able to regenerate and transform into other cells. These cells, when injected into the elbow, get assigned the role of regenerating damaged tissues. The way this works is that we extract stem cells from a part of your body with many stem cells, such as adipose tissue, bone marrow fluid, and blood. These cells, once extracted, get centrifuged and concentrated into nutrient-dense, superior cells. Our board-certified medical personnel take these cells, reinject them into the affected part of your body, and let the cells go to work. From there, your body follows its natural regenerative, restorative practices on cartilage, bones, muscles, and nerves for remarkable therapy!

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Have questions about stem cell therapies to avoid elbow surgery?

WHy consider stem cell therapies for your elbow pains?

There are plenty of reasons to consider the amazing healing powers of stem cell therapy. First, stem cell treatment is a same day because stem cell harvesting and reinjecting is done within a single-day visit. This means that you can avoid lengthy, expensive hospital visits. Another reason to use stem cells for elbow pain is that it is non-invasive. Unlike surgery, stem cells do not require anesthesia or risks of surgical infection. Also, because these stem cells already belong to you, your body does not reject the newly-injected stem cells. Another benefit of stem cell treatment is that it is effective. Many of the medical studies around stem cell therapy reveal positive results. Patients report improvements in their elbow’s recovery process and reductions in pain. It’s no wonder athletes utilize stem cell therapy to help them recover from major surgeries like Tommy John surgery.

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