Stem Cell Therapies For Neck Pains

Stop Waking With A Sore Neck

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Causes of Neck Pains

There are numerous causes of neck pains that often times one can not even diagnose the specific cause in the body to what is causing the chronic neck pains. From not sleeping in a correct position to carrying too much weight when you pick up the kids, it can be quite hard to pinpoint. That is why we bypass this with Stem Cell Therapies by injecting stem cells direct into the site of your chronic pain to allow them to heal the area!

Stem Cell Treatments for Neck Pains

Stem cell therapies are an innovative treatment we are using for neck pains & neck conditions. Whether you have had a previous sports injuries, history of car accidents or not suite sure where you neck pains are exactly coming from, reach out to the American Regenerative Medicine Institute. We would be happy to offer a complimentary stem cell consultation to see if stem cell treatment will be right for your neck pains & conditions. 

The American Regenerative Medicine Institute prides itself on ensuring all of our treartments are safe and effective for our patients.

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