Stem Cell Therapies For Sports Injuries

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stem cell therapies for sports injuries

Sports Injury Surgery Alternative

Surgeries have been used to repair knees, shoulders, and other bones and ligaments, but they are not without risk. There are many complications that come with surgery including cots, down time and success rates. 

Opting for minimally invasive stem cell treatment options has become an far better option for patients with new or existing sports injuries.

Stem Cell Treatments for For Sports Injuries

Stem cell therapies are a wonderful alternative way for athletes to treat sport injuries. Adult stem cells are cells in the body which have not yet been developed to perform an assigned task. After all, a bone cell’s responsibilities are much different than a blood cell. Stem cell therapy takes these stem cells, either from platelet rich plasma (PRP) or bone marrow concentrate (BMC), from the body through syringe extraction. In PRP, the extraction is from the blood, centrifuged to separate the blood plasma and the stem cells, and concentrated to be injected into the damaged tissue. In BMC, the extraction occurs from bone marrow fluid, follows similar concentration, and is injected into a damaged bone. By injecting nutrient-rich stem cells into an affected tissue, the body assigns the cells the responsibility of repairing and healing the tissue. Because the cells are your own, your body will not reject and adversely react to the reinjection of the stem cells. They are also great because stem cell therapy reproduces the body’s natural healing process. Using stem cell therapy for sports injuries is gaining traction, and the American Regenerative Medicine Institute is happy to lead the way in this medical brea

Should I consider stem cell therapies for my sports injuries?

Not sure whether or not stem cell therapy can heal your sports injury? Consider this; elite athletes like Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have utilized stem cell therapy, particularly with PRP, to recover from injuries sustained in their careers. They have even cited stem cell treatments as a major reason for their seemingly superhuman recovery. Some other notable athletes who have used stem cell therapy to treat injuries include Peyton Manning (who used stem cells after a major neck surgery for a bulging disc), Bartolo Colon (who used bone marrow cells to heal torn elbow ligaments and a torn rotator cuffs), Chris Johnson (who used stem cells to heal a torn meniscus in his knee). As their success stories spread, stem cell therapy will continue to add to its laundry list of superstar athlete patients.

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